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Who is Unstoppable Generation

  /  Who is Unstoppable Generation

How was Unstoppable Generation established?

But, most importantly, what is it?

Our adventure in Network Marketing didn’t have a good start…and I want to be honest about this.

It took a while for us to understand what we were doing and what we had to do.

The years passed by, but after emptying our bank accounts and many PC breakdowns, we finally made it…

…Somehow, we finally got what we were striving for.

And let me tell you…it is worth it.


For my brother and I it all started in 2013

(Honestly, it all started in 2012, but that would be too long…so I’ll jump directly to 2013…About 2012, you just need to know that it was a complete “failure”)

It all started with a phone call, it was 4:34 pm on a cold Thursday afternoon in November (yes, in 2013 it was still cold in November).
It was Paolo, our sponsor.

“Guys, let’s take a break! We are working hard, like crazy, but the results are not coming. We should stop and think.

I’m going to Florida…wanna come with me? Of course, you will be my guests…
Ah… you have 24 hours to decide because I booked the flights “


Right after hanging up the phone, we washed our face, we rapidly talked about it…and our bags were immediately packed!
That was a dream…the USA!

We at Paolo’s place, a residential village west of Fort Lauderdale.

Stefano and I only had prepaid card we charged with money our mother gave us (thanks mom), about 500 € that we wanted to keep for the extras.

We just wanted to unplug, and relax…we thought of it as a holiday.

…But things didn’t work out as planned.

You know when you have that feeling, and you know that you’re not going to relax at all?

Stefano and I felt like that.

At that time, though we could we didn’t want to relax.

No, it was not the right moment.

So, we decided to make the most out of that rush of adrenaline that originated from the bottom of our mind …

…We took back all those projects which failed and that we left incomplete.

This was how Paolo responded to our insane decision…:

“Ok, I know now… you are crazy like me when I started years and years ago” 

But he always stood on our side, because… He is a bit like us, though in his very own way…he’s a fool too.

We looked at each other right in the eyes and said:

“Come on! This time we’ll make it, for sure! “

(And yes, as I told you at the beginning of this story, before landing in Florida, we had been failing all the time).

So, we started working hard.
With the help of Paolo, we went back to all the marketing basics we studied before.

We reviewed our old mistakes, to avoid making them again…

…And we finally drew out the draft of our action plan to achieve our success.

And that was our creation.

All the skills we acquired over the years, and that we never used, all Paolo’s experience in the filed since 1993…were finally taking a shape.
All of our old world was merging with our new world.

It was like a dream, finally everything seemed to make sense.

At that point, we only had to bring to reality what we had on paper.

And so, we did.

Finally, we started…

Everything was flowing smoothly according to our plans and the results slowly began to arrive.

I mean…

That was not about money.

But that was fine. We were so confident of how perfect was all what we were creating.

…It was just a matter of time.

Stefano and I, with our old 11-inches Acer computers, were chatting like crazy.
We were active every day on 200 chats, with 200 different people.
That thought really strikes me.
And in all this, while we were chatting for about 12 hours a day with people who wanted to understand exactly what we were selling…

…Paolo, the six figures leader, turned into a “cook”. He cooked for us, while helping us to respond to people’s questions. He had all the necessary old-school experience to support us.
And right there we started creating the first script templates to duplicate our chats.
I want to say this again…

Everything was slowly taking its shape, but we still had not started to make any money. We had no single penny in our bank accounts.

One day, after 10 grueling days, something happened.

That day, I did what I used to do every day…

I got up, and turned my PC on, I didn’t even wash my face. I started checking my messages.

I was checking, and checking and checking. Then I stopped, and shouted:

“Guys! This one sent us her details! “

Paolo and Stefano were having their breakfast in the kitchen and replied:

“Which details? What do you mean…? “

I still feel the same emotion as on the 26th of December 2013.

And, yes…

That morning we closed our first sale…


…WITHOUT EVEN MEETING THAT PERSON! And from the other side of the world!

I remember it like it was yesterday, it was a woman.

She was our first customer ever!

From then on, of course, we had a long series of sales…

All the people we were chatting with, started purchasing and therefore became our customers.

… And then returning customers.

We finally had our official start, and it was going on with big leaps forward. And here we are now…

…July 6th 2020, the day I am writing this page. I can boast over 2 billion clients, generating a turnover worth billions of Euros, which led us to set up a business worth 400,000,000 Euros in 5 years, together with our team.

This will help us, and many other people in our team, to reach earnings that are unconceivable in the real life.

Earnings that were once impossible.

And all completely on-line generated. No events, and no meetings with people.

This was a brief account of our story and that of Unstoppable Generation.

And yes…

The team or group, as you might want to call it, we created and that today can reach these numbers, is called Unstoppable Generation.

But why this name?

I think that’s pretty obvious…we are a team of unstoppable …
A team of people who understood the importance of being “unstoppable” in life and especially in the business.

Why is everyone talking about us?

That’s obvious too. They talk about the crazy results we are getting, and these results are REAL.

…And can be easily found on Google by anyone.
I don’t want to sound too proud, but we Unstoppable Generation, are the only ones to show our numbers on our dashboards.
And we do it without any fake promises, as many others still do in this industry. We do talk about facts.
And that should let you think… But anyway.

I can say with great certainty that …

…In the entire industry of network marketing, we are the only ones with such results, which are verified and generated with no help, or spill-over, or teams shifts whatsoever, how some companies do.

And then…

I’m not sure, but I think everyone’s talking about us. We’ve been the first to really understand how this business works…


In other wirds…
Who could reach these numbers before us?…

…And with just a PC?
And going through the entire sale process, from lead generation to closure, entirely on-line?
I’ll tell you. NONE.

Why should you join us?

Before I tell you why you too should join us…

…Let me tell you why you shouldn’t.

As you know, Unstoppable Generation boasts of mind-boggling numbers, which anyone would like to have.
This is good, but is bad too.
Many others out there (just like you) are looking for the magic mix for success.
When they see our numbers, they think we have it.

The problem is that there’s no magic mix. Paolo, my brother and I, as well as many others…

…got where we are because we did the effort, and the hard work and had the will to win …but we never gave up, even when it all seemed to be over.

…We never hoped for anything mystical.

We just worked hard, we studied, we applied the rules and we failed until we finally made it.

And that’s here that I learned that failure does not exist…it’s just experience.

If you thought you wanted to join us, because you think we can give you the magic mix for success, please don’t do it.



If you are reading this page and want to contact us because you are striving to get more and do more in your life…

…Then join us, this could more than a smart choice.
I won’t give you any certainty that Unstoppable Generation is the way to get what you want.

Nothing is certain in life, but death.
But sure enough we will give you all the tools and the support you need to get what you want.

It will be a hard, steep and bouncy road, but trust me, you’ll be able to move forward until the end (and I’m sure you’ll succeed)…

…It’s gonna be great!

Before you go, please contact us or the person who showed you this page, if you still haven’t done so.

In this way, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what we do, and especially how we work.

Have a great day 🙂

Think, live, dream and act … Unstoppable

Paolo Meucci.

Andrea Orrù

Stefano Orrù.